Numbers are measures of not just quantity but even more importantly of quality. The qualities of numbers are archetypally baked into all human civilizations. Numbers are the vocabulary of mathematics, of course, a universal language outside of civilization and culture that we use to converse about the physical world through science. The digits 1-9 reflect not just the physical enactment of the base-ten numbering system used predominantly across the planet but directly reflect the rational evolution of both the self and civilization. It is little wonder that Numerology is often dismissed as a tool of divination, since the divinatory Tarot itself is an amalgamation of both astrology and numerology in semi-equal measure.

But the Tarot is often misused and predicated among fast talkers on the sleight-of-hand fallacy of “predestination.” It is little wonder also that Numerology is often branded a pseudo-science from the empirical quests of noted physicists and mathematicians throughout history to make sense of patterns observed from numerical analysis from all walks of scientific endeavor. Yet, the rational basis for numerological profiling does not involve predestination at all. Rather it is predicated on the deep relationship between each living human being and the collective subconscious of his or her civilization and the consequentiality of numbers to all aspects of society and culture everywhere. This numerological profile must by no means be considered a blueprint of your existence and character, for it is not and does not pretend to be. Rather, your numerological profile must be understood as a compendium of metaphysical tendencies and pre-dispositions that compel you with varying degrees of insistence.


Your Date of Birth is symbolic of the fixed and immutable side of you. It links you to your time and starts the clock of the cyclic rhythms of your life. It provides an anchoring context to your existence. Your DOB embodies qualities in you that are genetic. The influences revealed by the day, month, and year of birth are deeply seated and comprise paths of least resistance. They are your Nature Numbers and represent your place in the flux of the cosmos and all that is rooted in the physiochemical stew of your being.

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